8 New Year’s Resolutions For Golfers

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Looking for some 2019 inspiration? Here's Golf Monthly's guide to the resolutions that might just transform your game...  

A new year calls for new resolutions. It’s time to wipe the worries of 2018 away and start over with a fresh new slate. Dust off your clubs, stock up on tees and forget about all those three putts. Enjoy your golf game even more this season by taking up these New Year’s resolutions.

1. Smile

1. Smile more

On the one hand, you’re enjoying the fresh air and some witty repartee with your closest friends.  On the other hand, you’ve hit three shanks, lost four balls and your putter is colder than a romantic weekend away with your other half.  Perspective is going to be your new middle name, and with that, you vow to smile your way through 2019.


2. Honors Board

2. Honors board

Close your eyes and picture your name on the club’s honors board. Generations of golfers will see your name and think, “J. Smith – he must have been a hell of a player”.


3. Short Game

3. Practice short game

Your imperious ball-striking has never received the recognition it deserves, largely because your short game is a blend of duffs, shanks and yips.  However, 2019 will see a new approach that will transform your chipping into a consistent demonstration of pure wizardry.


4. Don't Lose Your Temper

4. Don’t lose your temper 

On the face of it, this is the simplest resolution.  In practice, it’s anything but.  “If you can meet triumph and disaster and treat those two imposters just the same…” – you are simply not human.  Still… worth a try.


5. Get Your Handicap Down2

5. Get your handicap down

Golf is perhaps the most quantifiable of all sports.  With just a number, your handicap tells the story of your golfing life.  However much we all enjoy winning prizes and taking money from our friends, what we really want is a lower handicap.  It is the ultimate resolution!


6.  Impress your fitness

6. Improve your fitness

Everyone loves to have a fitness-inspired new year’s resolution so why not have one yourself and apply it to golf?  Focus on core strength and flexibility to improve your swing power, flexibility and stamina.  Granted, you might not look like Brooks Koepka when you’re done but improved fitness and strength will help your game!


7. Play more Golf

7. Play more golf

How many rounds did you play in 2018?  If it was less than 50, why not double it next year?  Sure, your kids will miss having you around and your other half will file for divorce, but these are just minor bumps on the road to becoming a Green Jacketeer!


8.  Lessons

8. Lessons

The children are in bed and you’re sat in your favorite armchair with a glass of red in hand.  Life is good. Naturally, you begin to reflect.  It dawns on you that you’ve been battling the same horrific snap hook for over a decade now.  It’s a sobering thought. Time to visit the pro!


Happy New Year



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