Benefits of Custom Club Fittings

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Why Get Your Golf Clubs Custom Fit?

Let's discuss the reason to custom fit your golf clubs. All golfers are different! 

Height, weight or physical issues can influence a person's golf swing. With that in mind, golf clubs are built by the manufacturers to accommodate a broad spectrum of golfers. Well let's face it, everyone's swing is different. 

Knowing that, then what are your options?

  1. Take lessons ( Long term approach, higher cost, still won't guarantee the best performance without having your clubs fit.) but still is a good idea.
  2. Get Fit! Have your clubs adjusted to minimize the errors in your swing. (A MUST to make your game more enjoyable). 
  3. Keep playing with what you have, and hope you have luck on your side.


Here are some of the main discrepancies that a fitter looks for:

  • Impact position on the face and sole of the club.
  • Proper length of the club.
  • Proper shaft flex.
  • Proper grip size.


Impact Position

During the swing, proper contact of the ball and the ground are crucial in maximizing ball flight. A custom fitter will be able to determine how the club head must be bent to correct poor ball flights. This is done by using impact tape which leaves a mark on the club to show if the ball is impacting the face near the toe or heel of the face. Impact tape on the sole of the club tells a fitter if the sole is contacting the ground squarely or if the toe or heel is digging. All of the procedures below will affect impact position.

Proper Length

The importance of this is crucial. Think of it like this: If the club is too short, what happens? The leading edge of the club contacts the ball on the equator and you end up catching the ball thin and you over shoot your target or even worst, top the ball. If the club is too long, the opposite effect happens; you take this nice big divot and the ball goes nowhere.

Shaft Flex

The flex of the shaft has its own importance. Ideally at some point through the downswing, the shaft reverses it bend and kicks forward, increasing club head speed. (More Distance) If the shaft is too stiff, there is no flex and now you're working on brute strength to maximize distance. If the shaft is too weak, it lags behind and never kicks forward. Now, not only are you losing distance but accuracy goes out the window.

 Proper Grip Size

There are a couple reasons why the proper grip size plays a big roll in club fittings:

  • When the grip is the proper size it allows your hands to release correctly at impact but there is a comfort level that's also very important. (Some manufactures fit only on comfort).
  • When a grip is too small, your hands become over active and consistency become a issue.

* Please note that there are more options a trained fitter will use to make your current clubs better. If you decide to purchase new clubs, make sure you get them fit.

All our fitters at Bob Allen Golf are trained & certified by the B.A.G. system.



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