Can Junior Golf Compete With Other Youth Sports?

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Bob Allen Golf thinks so and is doing what we can to help the cause. We understand that kids have fun learning a lifelong game and that family interaction builds lasting memories. Right along with mastering football, soccer, basketball and other sports, there is a strong indication that kids LOVE GOLF!


Juniors Golf


There is an incredible opportunity for junior golfers who want to develop their golfing skills in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. Bob Allen Golf will provide a safe indoor environment where your young golfer will learn, refine and improve their skills. It is important to establish good golf techniques now during your child’s formative years, as it will have a positive effect on their game for a lifetime.


Training Lessons


In addition to giving lessons to future golf champions, we carry the right equipment for a perfect game – beginner golf sets and accessories!  


Junior Golf


As far as the interest in golf for the entire family is concerned, Bob Allen Golf is connecting with Junior Golfers with the best in apparel, shoes, clubs and accessories! Look us up under JUNIORS!

Your kids will love what you do next! Drop in at Bob Allen Golf for a grand ole shopping spree at 6415 S. Fort Apache Road, #165, Las Vegas, NV 89148 or go online and place your Juniors Order:


Need to schedule an appointment for instruction? Give us a call at 702-476-1339.


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