Some Advice for Dad on Father's Day!

Posted by Bob Kerlagon on

It's imperative that we give credit to the life-changing accomplishments of Dads of this generation and the endless sacrifices they are willing to face for the good of their children!


Father's Day


Some fathers, however, are not giving themselves the credit they deserve because they sometimes feel inadequate in the "Dad Department".  Some work long hours and travel a lot, which keeps them away from home.

Why don't we consider finding those few free precious moments we have with them out on the golf course!  Take them with you and enjoy a twosome or better yet - a threesome!  Your kids will LOVE joining Dad on a dream golf outing!  They'll want to get 'geared up' with their own personal gloves, shoes and beginner golf sets.

This, Dad is where it's most important -  to truly take time to earn the Best Dad Award, spending time with your kids and loving every minute of it!  You deserve it as well as they!


Happy Father's Day!



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