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The United States Open Championship, commonly known as the U.S. Open, is the annual open national championship of golf in the United States. It is the second of the four major championships in golf, and is on the official schedule of both the PGA Tour and the European Tour. Since 1898 the competition has been 72 holes of stroke play (4 rounds on an 18-hole course), with the winner being the player with the lowest total number of strokes. It is staged by the United States Golf Association (USGA) in mid-June, scheduled so that, if there are no weather delays, the final round is played on the third Sunday, which is Father's...

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Bob Allen Golf, Junior Golf -

Bob Allen Golf thinks so and is doing what we can to help the cause. We understand that kids have fun learning a lifelong game and that family interaction builds lasting memories. Right along with mastering football, soccer, basketball and other sports, there is a strong indication that kids LOVE GOLF!     There is an incredible opportunity for junior golfers who want to develop their golfing skills in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. Bob Allen Golf will provide a safe indoor environment where your young golfer will learn, refine and improve their skills. It is important to establish good golf techniques now during your child’s...

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Common sense dictates that a golfer will improve his or her play when aided by a good golf instructor. Elementary schools have teachers. Colleges have professors. Basketball teams have coaches. If you want to learn how to play golf, you find an instructor.  But there are additional reasons why you ought to seriously consider learning the sport from someone who has studied golf long enough to understand the proper mechanics of the golf swing.     The first benefit of private golf instruction should be apparent to any golfer who has ever played a round or two with friends who...

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