Driver, Titleist 917 D2 Driver S 9.5

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Titleist 917 Drivers Set The Standard For Complete Performance

Complete performance. From a design standpoint, that is what Titleist engineers set out to accomplish with the new 917 drivers, creating products that offered more forgiveness, faster ball speeds, higher launch angles, reduced spin rates, and unmatched customization.

  • Those performance benefits were accomplished in multiple ways, but SureFit CG just might stand out as most unique among the new innovations, as players can utilize a weight that runs through the clubhead to influence both center of gravity and ball flight. Additionally, different weight options are available to also allow players to adjust swing weight as necessary.
  • Also new with 917 is Radial Speed Face 2.0. The clubface has been thinned out in optimal locations to increase ball speed and maintain higher ball speeds on mis-hits.
  • Also redesigned was the 917’s Active Recoil Channel, as refined thickness in the channel leads to more flexing of the clubface at impact, which promotes greater distance.
  • Finally, Titleist’s game-changing SureFit hosel system is being utilized in 917, giving players the ability to adjust loft and lie independently to achieve their desired ball flight and trajectory.

As far as the two different models are concerned, at 460cc the D2 features a slightly larger profile than the D3, and it has a higher moment of inertia that will make it more forgiving. Additionally, the D2 will offer slightly higher launch conditions and spin rates for players to need help in maximizing carry. In terms of stock shafts, two new shafts, the Aldila Rogue Max and the Fujikura Speeder Pro TS 74 are being offered.  Both are low-to-mid launching shafts, with the Speeder being the heavier of the two options.