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Super Long | Super Straight | Super Soft The new Supersoft Golf Ball is super long, super straight, and super soft with our lowest compression ball, a soft cover, and our new Premium HEX Aerodynamics.

These Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls can greatly improve your game. The ultra-low compression core reduces spin to increase the length of your drive. The Callaway golf balls fly straight for enhanced accuracy on the links. You get 12 balls in each pack, to keep you stocked for many games to come. With a regular look, these balls can be your hidden secret weapon. Amaze your friends and golf partners when you show off your incredible new scores. 
Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls, White, 12-Pack:

  • One of the softest golf balls ever made
  • Compression of only 38
  • Ultra-low compression core delivers maximum ball speed with reduced spin for increased distance
  • Incredibly straight ball flight
  • 12-pack of white golf balls